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Juicy Brazil’s mission is to provide information about
Brazilian providers for fruits & juices. Here, you
will always find the best suppliers for you needs!
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Quality suppliers
Not all suppliers in
Brazil are the same. Pick only the most qualified ones. Find them here at Juicy Brazil Portal.
Only the best.
The highest quality. In order to fulfill this need, your supplier should guarantee the most modern processes in Brazil.

Good packaging
is a key to deliver fruits and juices in as good shape as they are shipped in Brazil: Assai, Cashew, Orange Juice, Guava, etc.
Providers here
offer export service. In this case, your company don't need to worry about any aspect of the import/ export process. It's as easy as buying locally.

Acai / Assai
Pure Acai, Organic Acai,
Mixed Acai, Cabbage Palm

The right size for a natural and authentic Brazilian juice

Concentrates & NFCs
Different sizes for meeting your industrial needs.

Fruit Snacks
The most delicious snacks made from natural and exotic Brazilian fruits.

Ready to drink
Ready to drink for private label; packing fully customizable.
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FDA / Kosher  Offices in USA & Brazil

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